huawei p smart z live shots

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If you want to submit a leak, you can do that right here.

Here are some important guidelines and instructions.

  1. You need to mention the source of the leak (even if you are the source). This would help us give the necessary credits to the original source.
  2. You may want to provide us with your social media credentials or your website URL so that we can help you grow as well.
  3. Feel free to share the article across your social media networks.
  4. In case the leak you have submitted is not exclusive (has already been submitted by someone else), Trending Leaks deserve the right to delete your post (we will still mention you as one of the sources) to avoid duplicate content.
  5. After submitting 50 leaks (which are deemed genuine), your account will be upgraded to Premium Leakster and you will start earning a commission per leak.
  6. Please follow our social media handles (mentioned at the end) to help us grow as well.
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