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Is Google preparing a smartwatch with integrated camera?!

The rumours and leaks about Google’s first smartwatch have been around for a long time, but not final product was revealed so far. Now, a new patent have revealed a very interesting choice of design for a potential smartwatch.

According to a new registered design patent, Google’s first smartwatch could be the first top end watch to come with an integrated camera, right in the centre of the display.

The smartwatch market really needs something refreshing to get the sparkle back!

It’s been a very long time since the smartwatch market received really meaningful innovations, specially when it comes to devices running Wear OS. When it comes to have an integrated camera, non of the big manufacturers have decided to venture into this feature.

For a while now, there are quite a few offers that have a camera. But, the quality offered by these smartwatches is far from being acceptable. With that in mind, a smartwatch with an integrated camera made by Google could be a total game changer. Google Pixel smartphones biggest feature is their photography quality and with this smartwatch, users could have that on their wrists!

Google Pixel smartwatch integrated camera

Sadly, there is no info on possible features

Unfortunately, the registered patent refers only to its design, revealing none of its possible functionalities. Being a design patent, we get to know a bit more about what to expect regarding its looks.

As many other manufacturers have done in the past few months, looks like Google will be looking into offering a digital crown instead of a mechanical one. This change in design had many users frustrated, but looks like it’s the path this market is going to follow onward.

Google Smartwatch
Credit: LetsGoDigital

Possible Google smartwatch is still a true mystery

Although this patent points towards a possible Google Pixel smartwatch, nothing is assured, specially when it comes to a possible Google watch. Over the past several years, many patents have hinted to the arrival of their first smartwatch and non actually came through.

Keeping that in mind, we need to take this new patent with a large pinch of salt. Seems as Google is really working on their first smartwatch for a long time, but there are no clues about when we might see it coming to life.

There is only one thing that’s guaranteed, whenever Google decides to unveil their first smartwatch, it will make a big impact on the market that is dominated by Apple.

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