How Do You Troubleshoot & Configure Belkin extender With Android Phone?

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How Do You Troubleshoot & Configure Belkin extender With Android Phone ?


Many users have asked this Question that With Computer Or Without Computer How Can one setup & troubleshoot belkin extender so that is the Reason i have come up with this latest information That will help you Establish the connection Between Your Range Extender & Router Using Android Device. Lets Begin & first thing First- 


How we Setup Belkin extenders Using Android device – 


  • Just Unbox the Belkin Extender & Plug the Extender to Power Source then turn it On 
  • Go to Your Phone Wifi Network List & Refresh the Available Network List 
  • Now Look for Belkin.setup Unsecured Network List & select that network 
  • Connect With the unsecured ( By Default) Belkin.setup network name & It should automatically Redirect You Directly at
  • It is Not Taking Your Directly There Then Please Type https://belkin.range Or to access Belkin Extender Console. There You can Follow the Onscreen Guide 
  • After the Configuration Just Place Your Extender Not More than 35 Meters away From Main Wireless Router.

Even if you Get Slow or Bad Connection Or Lets Just assume no connection at all then I might Suggest You to Troubleshoot Belkin range extender.


Fix Belkin Range Extender – 


Let Make it Easy for You to Understand that Belkin extenders are Plug & Play device & their Console is not all that complicated so Just Follow the Guides Below – 


Perform a Reboot on Network  – 


  • a power cycle is simple reboot that helps you give a refresh to your Home Devices. many technical Glitches can be Resolved With a Simple Power cycle. 
  • Turn Off the Modem, router than Extender & Give it Rest of Two Minutes than Restart them back on.
  • Check all the wires From Modem to Router ..also check the Internet Connection Of Router. 
  • Check if extender is working after power cycle.


Reset Belkin Range Extender –


  • a Factory Reset Or Restore Would Help you Troubleshoot almost 90% of the extender Problems Cause it gives you a chance to start Fresh.Now to begin With You Need to Understand there is 2 ways to Perform reset on belkin extender.
  • 1- Soft Reset 
  • 2- Hard Reset 
  • Soft Reset – for Soft Reset you just need to be Logged into Belkin extender & assuming you already have a Problem with extender it seems Quite distant to perform the Reset so in this all you do is connect the computer with range extender with an ethernet cable directly 
  • Now open the browser & type https://belkin.range to access the Console than go to the settings & restore it all back to default.
  • Hard Reset – its Quite simple Just take a Perpeclip & pen and make sure the Extender is Turned On. Press & Hold the Reset key at the back of extender for Next 10-15 seconds then let it Go. Restart the extender & you are good to Go.
  •  the Internet Connection Of Router. Check if extender is working after power cycle.
  • Reset belkin extender & reconfigure it 

I think that’s all you need to know today. Just let me know if you have any other issues with belkin range extender. Gud luck 


Nakul Sharma