redmi k20 protective cover live shots

Redmi K20 IMX 582 sensor How bad is it in real life

So, the Redmi K20 lineup of smartphones got unveiled today for good. Though there is not much of a difference between the Redmi K20 and the Redmi K20 Pro, there are certain elements which are different. The processor, for starters (Snapdragon 855 vs Snapdragon 730) was obviously going to be different.

The cameras of both the devices, however, are the same, but with a catch. The catch being the fact that the standard Redmi K20 makes use of a Sony IMX 582 sensor in place of the IMX 586 found on the Pro variant.

Though this is a noticeable difference and Xiaomi has definitely taken up this step to cut down on costs, is it that big of a deal?

The answer is, it depends.

You can check out the tweet I’ve embedded to get some more insights, but I’ll quote it here as well.

redmi k20 protective cover live shots

Some of you are having trouble with the Sony IMX 582 sensor being used in the Redmi K20. While I am not denying the fact that it is indeed inferior to the IMX 586 found on the Pro, you need not bother much. Smartphone photography is more or less dependent on software optimization. Yes, Xiaomi has used a relatively inferior sensor to cut down costs, but that does not necessarily mean that the photos will be bad or something. If sensors were the only benchmarks, the Google Pixel 3, the highest rated camera smartphone uses an IMX363 sensor. Once again I am telling you, stop trusting the YouTube videos blindly, these are just on-paper talks.

I hope this would at least help you think once before ridiculing a pretty decent smartphone.

You can find out more about the Redmi K20 and the Redmi K20 Pro from here and here respectively.

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