Asus patents a dual slider smartphone in 10 variants

asus dual slider phone

Remember the dual slider smartphone that popped up on the internet a little while ago? Turns out that Asus is making 10 of them. As per the latest report by Letsgodigital, Asus has patented 10 variants of the dual slider smartphone.

Asus seems to intend to introduce other full-screen models in the (near) future. A design patent from Asus Computer was published on 21 May 2019 in the Global Design Database of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). This time the full-screen smartphones are equipped with a slider camera.

Asus dual slider device

It concerns a total of 10 different models. All telephones have a full-screen design, only a narrow bezel remains visible at the bottom. The rear is the same for all variants. A double camera is visible here, placed horizontally apart, with a flash in between. This camera system is similar in design to the recently introduced Zenfone 6. However, this time it is not a folding camera, but an extendable camera.

Since it is a design patent, the description is brief. Nevertheless, it contains an important detail. With 5 of the 10 models, the sliding system only works upwards, as we now know from various other mobile phones, such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. With the other 5 models, the system can also be slid down, creating a dual slider system. Apart from the slider system, these models exactly match the first 5 variants.

Asus dual slider phone patent

All Asus patented telephone models display a dual front camera. The placement and distance between the cameras differ. The microphone and flash are also integrated into different ways into the extendable system. There are also some physical buttons on the sides, which function as on/off switches and as volume buttons. The bottom offers space for a connection to charge the device.

It seems that Asus actually intends to release such a smartphone model. It is not the first time that we have heard of an Asus telephone with a dual slider system. Last month Evan Blass published a series of concept photos of an Asus 5G dual slider phone via Twitter. The concepts came from one of Asus’s Zenfone 5 designers.

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