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Logitech to launch a new game pad with touch pad, files patent

logitech latest gamepad

Logitech is reportedly working on launching a new gamepad which will have a touchpad along with the regular physical D-pad. The report has come to Android Updated courtesy of Letsgodigital.

logitech latest gamepad

A recent patent application indicates that Logitech is developing a new gamepad. The application was submitted by Logitech Europe SA on 6 February 2019 to the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). The design patent of the video game controller was published on 12 April 2019.

The design patent shows six images, on which the controller can be seen from all sides. Incidentally, it seems to be a wireless gamepad. Although a description is very brief, it is clear from the sketches that the game controller has a touchpad. This is also the main difference with the gamepads that Logitech currently offers.

We, of course, know a similar touchpad from the DualShock controller for the Sony PlayStation. Here the touchpad serves to perform various actions, for example, you can pause a game via the touchpad. Logitech will probably opt for the same operating method. Logitech’s current gamepads already have vibration feedback, this will undoubtedly also be integrated into the new controllers.

Furthermore, the patented Logitech controller has two joysticks, the YBAX keys, a start button and a kind of D-pad. The four-point push-button is designed in a significantly different way than before. This has a somewhat deeper location, which will probably contribute to a better hand position for your thumb. They are also not four separate keys, the button is designed around, this will undoubtedly improve maneuverability in action games.

With the current Logitech gamepads, extra attention has already been paid to the D-pad. Standard D-pads rest on one pivot point, so the game controller is not always accurate. Logitech has therefore chosen to let the D-pad slide over four separate switches, for a more responsive and tangible feeling.

When Logitech will introduce a new gamepad is as yet unclear. Both the F310 and the F710 have introduced eight years ago. High time for a successor, you would think.

View the patent for the Logitech game controller here.

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Written by Mukul Sharma

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