sharp upcoming foldable smartphone

Sharp displays the vertical foldable smartphone patented last month

Remember the vertical foldable smartphone Sharp patented last month? It appears that the company has finally started hyping the device up as it has given us a glimpse of what the device will look like. Needless to say, the video does not disappoint.

Unlike the previously unveiled foldable smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X, Sharp does not appear to be shying away from showcasing the device in all actuality as there is an actual human folding the device in a realistic environment. We can see a bit of a crease when the device is being folded which does not come as a surprise at all. For what is worth, the company is not trying to keep us in the dark.

Then again, when the device is folded, it becomes unusable leading to the ever-growing question as to whether or not foldable smartphones are even required or relevant for that matter.

Nevertheless, the upcoming Sharp foldable smartphone is no more confined to just patents and will soon be launched (we can just hope).

The screen of the Sharp foldable phone is very large. The screen edges are kept to a minimum, there is no notch, no hole in the display and no pop-up camera. What this will mean for the selfie camera is unknown. The Japanese are crazy about making selfies, so it is unlikely that Sharp chooses to omit the front camera as a whole. The process under the screen then?

sharp upcoming foldable smartphone wallpapers

When you fold the smartphone, the display is on the inside. Sharp opts for a unique hinge that can bend at two points. So you can choose to close the device completely or only partially, leaving a portion of the screen usable.

If you carry the foldable smartphone with you, you choose to fold the device as a whole, so that the display remains optimally protected against scratches and bumps. For example, if a message arrives, you can open the device a little and you can immediately see what the message is.

sharp upcoming foldable smartphone

On the back, we see a single camera and a flash. “Be Original” is Sharp’s slogan. The Japanese manufacturer probably thinks, where other smartphone manufacturers choose two, three, four and even five cameras, Sharp takes it easy. With one high-quality camera, you can also shoot beautiful pictures.

Furthermore, the Sharp foldable smartphone has a connection at the bottom to charge the mobile phone. A 3.5mm connection seems to be missing. However, there are three buttons on the left-hand side, the functions of which are not explained in more detail in the design patent.

Sharp probably won’t feel the need to be the first to line up to present a foldable phone. Nevertheless, that does not mean that the Japanese manufacturer sees no future in this new trend. There is a good chance that the market for folding smartphones will continue to increase in the coming years, after which the mobile devices will also become cheaper. Possibly that is a good time for Sharp to get in.

Since the company now also sells its devices in Europe, this may mean that in the future we can also buy a foldable Sharp phone in the Netherlands.

View the patent for the  Sharp foldable smartphone here.


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