how to play locally stored songs with youtube

You can now play locally stored songs with YouTube Music

YouTube Music for Android has recently got Updated. After the update, you will be able to play songs stored in your device via YouTube Music.

Android Police has recently broken down the news.

Our friends at 9to5Google reached out to let us know offline playback may have appeared as early a v3.03, though that version doesn’t exhibit the behavior in our tests. The precise version this may have been delivered with is indeterminate, but either way, it occurred within the last month or so.

how to play locally stored songs with youtube

Though the app does not give you frontend access to play music stored on your device, you can choose YouTube Music as your preferred means from other apps (when prompted) like your native file managers.

how to play songs from my file manager using youtube music

While there is no mention of this update in the official changelog, it must be noted that it is indeed present in the latest app version (v.3.07.54) and you can get the feature right away. Maybe, Google did not consider the update that big of a deal, hence no mention in the changelog.

The app appears to be supporting a bunch of audio formats.

In my testing, YouTube Music was able to play back MP3, Ogg, WAV, AAC-encoded M4A, and FLAC files — all formats that Google Play Music was compatible with, potentially among a larger list of supported file types.

In case you want to download the latest YouTube Music, you can head to the Google Play Store to download the same or you can get it from here.

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