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Samsung Galaxy Fold’s design is bad, says Huawei CEO Richard Yu

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Foldable smartphones are going to be the talk-of-the-town throughout the year 2019 for sure. Samsung has initiated the war with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone.

Huawei, as usual, has come up with a foldable smartphone of its own which is dubbed the Huawei Mate X.

As the trend follows, Huawei never misses out an opportunity to mock Samsung for not being able to pull off substantial improvements when it comes to Android smartphones, the company has done it yet again.

Richard Yu, Huawei CEO for mobile business has said in one of the interviews with BusinessInsider that the design choice for the Galaxy Fold is rather bad.

Huawei’s consumer CEO, Richard Yu, told Business Insider that his company had prototyped a folding phone design similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold but “killed it” because it was so bad.

While the Samsung Galaxy Fold has a dual display which helps us continue using the device even when folded, the Mate X has a single display instead.

I feel having two screens, a front screen and a back screen, makes the phone too heavy

We had several solutions, but we cancelled them. We had three projects simultaneously. We had something even better than that [the Samsung Galaxy Fold], killed by me.

Richard Yu

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is priced at €2,000 while the Mate X would fetch you a little more (€2,299 to be precise), so in any case, you are spending a bucket load of money in case you want to purchase any of these devices.

As far as the question as to which device is better is concerned, we leave the choice to you. You can join the XDA discussion forum to compare both the devices even more.

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