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Now, this is big news. Vivo is reportedly working on launching as much as 14 new smartphones under its X, Y, and V lineups.

Upcoming Vivo smartphones in a not so distant future

upcoming vivo v, y, and x series android smartphones in 2019

  • Upcoming Vivo X series: Vivo X31, Vivo X33, Vivo X35, Vivo X37
  • Upcoming Vivo V series: Vivo V17, Vivo V19, Vivo V21, Vivo V23, Vivo V25
  • Upcoming Vivo Y series: Vivo Y40, Vivo Y50, Vivo Y60, Vivo Y80, Vivo Y90

Letsgodigital has shared the news with Android Updated and has also provided us with the patents Vivo has filed for the above-mentioned devices.

Vivo X series smartphones: X31, X33, X35, and X37

vivo upcoming x lineup of smartphones

The high-end smartphones are placed within the X-series. In March 2018, the Vivo X21 was announced as the world’s first telephone with an in-display fingerprint scanner. Halfway through 2018, the X23 was also introduced in China.

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The X21 will probably be followed by the Vivo X31 around March 2019. It seems plausible that the Chinese variant then gets the name X33. Whether we can expect a Vivo X35 and X37 in 2019 remains to be seen.

View here the trademark requests for X31X33X35X37.

Vivo V series phones: V17, V19, V21, V23, and V25

vivo upcoming v lineup of smartphones

The mid-range phones are placed in the V-series at Vivo. The Vivo V15 Pro introduced yesterday is the current top model.

Within the V-series five new model names have been recorded, the V17, V19, V21, V23, and the V25. Chances are that not all of these Vivo smartphone models will be announced in 2019. It, therefore, looks as if the smartphone manufacturer has recorded a roadmap for the coming years.

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View here the trademark requests for V17V19V21V23V25.

Vivo Y-series smartphone models: Y40, Y50, Y60, Y80, and Y90

vivo upcoming y lineup of smartphones

Within the Y series, you will find the most inexpensive Vivo smartphones. From the new trademarks, it can be concluded that Vivo intends to change the names of its Y-series. Finally, the manufacturer has now arrived at the Y95 as the current top model within the Y-series.

Vivo will, therefore, have to choose; or working with a hundred counts, or with dozens. From these new registrations, it appears that Vivo will most likely choose the last option. It concerns the names Vivo Y40, Y50, Y60, Y80 and Y90. Why the Y70 is not requested is unknown.

The last mobile phone in the Y-series was introduced in November 2018, the Vivo Y93. It is still unclear when the Chinese manufacturer will reveal a new budget model.

upcoming vivo smartphones during mwc 2019


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