samsung new foldable phone details

Samsung has patented yet another foldable smartphone

Samsung is working hard to launch its first-ever foldable smartphone dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Note X in 2019. The device is one of the most talked-about smartphones as of late. Now, as per the latest reports, it appears that the company has plans to launch yet another foldable smartphone with some slight changes.

samsung new foldable phone details

The recently patented smartphone features a display which stretches all the way to the back, as seen in the image.

samsung new foldable smartphone details

The display first stretches and then can fold at the back of the device. Because of the arrangement, the device has a bezel-less screen at three sides. Furthermore, one can get a dual display as well. Also, because of such an arrangement, the device only has a single camera at the back which can be used for taking selfies as well.

While taking selfies, the folded display will serve as a viewfinder. Even when you are taking a regular photograph, the rear display still shows the object in focus for some apparent reason.

samsung new foldable smartphone live shots

The secondary display can also be used for media control as well as for displaying the device notifications.

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While all this appears to be pretty revolutionary, we are not sure as to whether or not it is going to be of some actual productivity. It’s a good thing to see new innovations coming in the world of Android and every change is welcome. That said, it would be interesting to see whether this device makes the final cut.

As of now, there is no word on the pricing and the release date of the device.

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