latest instagram update share posts as stories which mention you

Instagram for Android Updated: lets you share posts mentioning you as story

Instagram for Android has recently got updated. After the update, you will be able to share a post which has mentioned you as your story.

Introducing @mention sharing

latest instagram update share posts as stories which mention you

If someone mentions you in their posts, you will receive a DM regarding the same and you can share the post as your story from there itself. This is a significant update, particularly useful for those who receive a lot of mentions in their friends’ accounts.

Starting today, when someone mentions you in their story, you’ll be able to share that photo or video into your own story. So, when you’re caught up in a soccer game or focused on a big project and you don’t take out your phone, you can still share the moment.

If you want to share the post as your story, you get an option from the Instagram inbox. As soon as you hit the share option, you will get the regular options like rotating the image/video, scaling the media, repositioning it, and adding various filters like stickers, polls, and the usual stuff you get to do anyway.

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Once you have published the story, your followers will get to see the original poster’s username on top of your story and it will be tappable, meaning that they can check out the poster’s profile from within your story.

The changes are already live and chances are highly likely that you have already got it. If you haven’t, you might want to update your Instagram app from the Google Play Store in order to enjoy the new feature.

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