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How to hide online status, double tick, and blue ticks from WhatsApp

The all-new prototype of WhatsApp will help you to customize your GBWhatsApp. What you need is a little concern and a little determination to achieve win-win in it. Though it is a messy job to alter the official WhatsApp settings, what we need is the similar prototype of the official WhatsApp. Once you have the same prototype for WhatsApp, you can obtain the desired results.

There are many prototypes, but the best one recommended is GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsapp has no issues with restoring backups of the official WhatsApp. Here is what you need to do:

First of all, backup the whole chat of your official WhatsApp and then uninstall it.

Download the app from the provided link:

Get the APK from here

Install the apk and follow the procedure as mentioned:

Once you open the downloaded apk after installation, choose to Agree and Continue

WhatsApp GB
Customize WhatsApp

Post that, copy the WhatsApp data first and enter your mobile number for verification. An OTP will be delivered to your mobile phone which will be detected automatically. If the OTP is not generated, you can choose the option for calling. Receive the call and listen to the OTP details, then enter the OTP.

Copy WhatsApp Data

This is the final step after which your data will be restored automatically.

Open your GBWhatsApp and look for different options which you can set as per your desire. Click on the privacy option from the top right corner of GB WhatsApp and choose the type of privacy. You can choose:

  • Hide Online Status
  • Double tick for individual chat and group chats
  • Blue tick for individual chat and group chats

This is the most efficient and the easiest way to customize your WhatsApp. Looking on the brighter side, you need not root your Android Device and look for options. GBWhatsapp provides an easy access to customizing and setting the desired privacy of the user.

If you find this way helpful do comment and share.

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