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Lenovo Z5: The device will have a massive 4TB of storage

Lenovo is working on launching a new device dubbed the Lenovo Z5 which will feature the highest screen-to-body ratio ever (more than 95%). As if this was not enough, the company’s VP Chang Cheng has given us yet another surprise.

As per Cheng, the Lenovo Z5 will have a massive 4TB of internal storage.

lenovo z5 4tb internal memory

It has become a common trend in the world of Android that whenever a company starts off a revolution, all the other smartphone manufacturers tend to follow suit. Big storages are sure going to be the next new in Android and the Lenovo Z5 will have the glory to be the first-ever smartphone to be featuring such a mammoth storage.

To be honest, 4TB of internal storage is a bit too much and, in the end, a large portion of it might remain unused. That said, for those who want to brag about the specifications of their specifications, this is something too few can brag about.

Cheng also disclosed 4TB of storage can store up to 1 million photos, 2000 HD movies, and 150,000 lossless music.

In the previous post, Cheng had mentioned that Lenovo Z5 has been able to achieve four technological breakthroughs and we have got 2 so far and we are sure to receive further intel on the device in the near future.

Further, it is now officially confirmed that the Lenovo Z5 is going to be launched somewhere in the month of June.

lenovo z5 massive storage


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