how to download paid apps for free from the google play store

Paid Apps Gone Free – download paid apps for free from the Google Play Store

If you want to download paid apps for free from the Google Play Store, there are plenty of options available out there. There are a lot of websites available on the internet which let you sideload the APK and get the app for free, but more times than often, you have to go through a lot of hassle to download them. The ever-annoying pop-ups and the obtrusive ads certainly don’t help the case.

Paid Apps Gone Free is an amazing Android app which can help you find the best free Android apps which are available for free on the Google Play Store for a limited period of time.

paid apps gone free android app review

The app in itself doesn’t do anything. Whenever you open a tab from within the app, the app takes you to a website named Ubuntu Vibes which provides you with the list of the current apps which are available for free.

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Once you are on the website, you can check out the various apps and if you want to download any app, tapping on it would redirect you to the Google Play Store and you can download the app from there. It is, therefore, a legitimate way to download the apps and is certainly a pretty easy way to do so.

As far as the website is concerned, the website appears to be updated almost every day with new apps meaning that you are going to get the latest updates and changelogs all the time.

If you want to download PAGF, you can get it from the Play Store or download it from the button given below:

download pagf apkPaid Apps Gone Free (Beta)

Get it from the Google Play Store

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