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Xiao Ai: Xiaomi’s answer to the Google Virtual Assistant


  • The Xiaomi virtual assistant is going to be called Xiao Ai
  • The Xiao Ai looks and feels like the Google Assistant, but it uses Chinese as the primary language
  • It is Xiaomi’s take on providing the Xiaomi devices with an in-house virtual assistant just like Samsung’s Bixby

Xiaomi has created its own virtual assistant to take on the Google Assistant. The assistant dubbed the Xiao Ai essentially looks and feels like the Google Assistant, the major difference lies in the major language being used.

The company unveiled the assistant in a promotional YouTube video wherein the features of the Xiao Ai are portrayed.

The assistant is literally inspired by the Google Assistant which can be seen when we look at the colorful bars appearing in the video.

You can do the following things with the assistant:

  • Use voice commands to play and change the music tracks
  • Open the apps installed on your device
  • Check weather details
  • Set alarms and reminders
  • Take photos and videos
  • Translate menus in restaurants
  • Use your smart home appliances remotely using the Xiao Ai
  • Make calculations
  • And, a lot of other stuff which all the assistants can do too

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The Xiao Ai will easily integrate with the smart home appliances the company has made, like the vacuum robot featured in the video.

As of now, there is no news as to which all devices are going to get the XiaoAi. That said, it is a noteworthy step taken by the company to promote the usage of Chinese as a means of communication with the assistant.

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