how to check whether a website is running on wordpress or not

How to know whether a Website is running on WordPress or not

Ever wondered as to what content management system a Website is making use of? While there are many ways to find that out, this one is probably the easiest one out.

Here’s how you can find it out:

  • Type the URL of the Website you want to check in your address bar

For demonstration, let’s take the example of our partner Website, Stuff Listings. The first thing you need to do is to type the address of the Website i.e. and add (wp-admin) at the end of it.

  • If it is a WordPress run Website, it would show the WordPress login screen

is stuff listings running on wordpress

Now, we would take an example of a non-WordPress run Website. We already know that Android Central does not run on WordPress.

Typing wp-admin after the Web site’s URL would give you a 404 error indicating that it is, indeed, not a WordPress run Website.

is androidcentral running on wordpress?

Now, many of you might find this trick too easy to be posted here. But, this would save you from all the hassle of having to download all those Chrome Plugins or having to open those old Website tools to find it out.

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