WhatsApp for Android Updated: Now gives you over an hour to delete a message


  • WhatsApp used to give users as less as 7 minutes to delete a message after sending it
  • The limit has been increased now. For no apparent reason, it has been increased to one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds
  • There is, however, still a catch available (more on that later)

WhatsApp, one of the biggest chat platforms, has recently pushed a new update for Android. After the update, the time limit to unsend or delete a sent message will be increased from just 7 minutes to over an hour.

The Delete Message feature was one of the most practical decisions taken by WhatsApp as it comes in quite handy at times when you send a message you were not supposed to send.

The feature saves a lot of embarrassment if nothing else. Unlike a lot of other messaging apps, if one deletes a message from their end, the message gets deleted from the recipient’s end as well. This is not the case with a lot of the competitors as the message just gets deleted from the sender’s end which kind of does not make any sense.

The reason as to why this specific time extension has been rolled out is still unclear. Nevertheless, users now have ample amount of time to delete a message.

As mentioned above, there is still a catch. There is indeed a one-hour timeframe for the users to delete some message. If, however, the message gets quoted in that timeframe, the message won’t get deleted.

Whether or not the developers of WhatsApp fix this bug is still not clear. We love the update anyway.

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