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Honor 7X latest Android update: Added Face Unlock and AR Lens Feature

The Honor 7X has recently got a new update which adds in a bunch of new features like a Face Unlock feature and an AR Lens feature.

Even after the update (BND-AL10C675B160CUSTC675D002), there is no sign of Android Oreo on the device and it is still running on Android Nougat and EMUI 5.1. The update is of 482MB. In case you have not received any notification about the update so far, you can update your Honor 7X by going to Settings-System Updates-Check for updates.

Honor 7X latest Update: Face unlock

Honor 7X specifications
Honor 7X face detection icon on the lock screen

The Honor 9 Lite already had the face unlock feature out of the box. Now, the company has decided to push the feature to the Honor 7X as well. After the update, you would find the option to use this feature in the settings menu right above the screen lock & passwords settings.

The feature makes use of the front camera to detect your face. While the feature works just fine most of the times, it simply fails whenever the lighting conditions are not that good.

That said, it does not take long to unlock the device and I found it pretty useful at times when I just could not use my fingerprint to unlock the device (try placing it on the table and unlocking it using the face unlock feature).

Honor 7X latest Update: AR Lens feature

Honor 7X latest update face detection

Now, this is a straight-up Snapchat rip-off. The AR Lens feature introduced in the update adds a new feature to the list of the features present in the camera menu. The feature automatically detects faces in the viewfinder and overlays various emoji effects onto them. You can also add voice effects along with the emojis.

This is nothing new but the fact that you can make use of AR features from the native camera app makes sense. If you are a fan of taking selfies with effects, this might be a great update for you.

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