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Gmail for Android updated: Now supports desktop-like inbox types

The Gmail app is one of the most used email clients for Android. Today, with the latest update for Gmail, Google has added support for various inbox types for the Android app.

This feature has been available on the desktop version of Gmail for quite some time now.

It enables you to customize various priorities of the emails you receive making it pretty easier to manage your emails via your Android device.

If you have a specific inbox type that you use while you are accessing Gmail on your desktop, you are going to see the same type on your Android device after you update the app. For an example, if you want your unread messages to be at the top of the list and you have set your inbox this way in your desktop, you are going to see the same layout in the Gmail Android app.

Going forward, if you’ve selected a specific inbox type for your Gmail account on the web, you’ll see that same email configuration in your Android app. For instance, if you’ve chosen to see unread emails at the top of your inbox and everything else below, you’ll see your emails sorted the same way in Gmail for Android.

In order to get this feature, all you need to do is to go to Settings -> Inbox type, and then choose the one you want – including Default Inbox, Important first, Unread first, Starred first, and Priority Inbox.

new gmail feature for AndroidThis is a pretty significant update and is definitely going to help those who tend to have a lot of clutter in their mailbox.

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