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Southern hills hit by summer snow



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Former National Defence Academy Cadet, Mukul Sharma is an Android Lover. He makes Android reviews on Android Updated. You can find him at Android Updated or at Stuff Listings.

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[Massive update]: 14 upcoming Vivo smartphones revealed



upcoming vivo v, y, and x series android smartphones in 2019

Now, this is big news. Vivo is reportedly working on launching as much as 14 new smartphones under its X, Y, and V lineups.

Upcoming Vivo smartphones in a not so distant future

upcoming vivo v, y, and x series android smartphones in 2019

  • Upcoming Vivo X series: Vivo X31, Vivo X33, Vivo X35, Vivo X37
  • Upcoming Vivo V series: Vivo V17, Vivo V19, Vivo V21, Vivo V23, Vivo V25
  • Upcoming Vivo Y series: Vivo Y40, Vivo Y50, Vivo Y60, Vivo Y80, Vivo Y90

Letsgodigital has shared the news with Android Updated and has also provided us with the patents Vivo has filed for the above-mentioned devices.

Vivo X series smartphones: X31, X33, X35, and X37

vivo upcoming x lineup of smartphones

The high-end smartphones are placed within the X-series. In March 2018, the Vivo X21 was announced as the world’s first telephone with an in-display fingerprint scanner. Halfway through 2018, the X23 was also introduced in China.

The X21 will probably be followed by the Vivo X31 around March 2019. It seems plausible that the Chinese variant then gets the name X33. Whether we can expect a Vivo X35 and X37 in 2019 remains to be seen.

View here the trademark requests for X31X33X35X37.

Vivo V series phones: V17, V19, V21, V23, and V25

vivo upcoming v lineup of smartphones

The mid-range phones are placed in the V-series at Vivo. The Vivo V15 Pro introduced yesterday is the current top model.

Within the V-series five new model names have been recorded, the V17, V19, V21, V23, and the V25. Chances are that not all of these Vivo smartphone models will be announced in 2019. It, therefore, looks as if the smartphone manufacturer has recorded a roadmap for the coming years.

View here the trademark requests for V17V19V21V23V25.

Vivo Y-series smartphone models: Y40, Y50, Y60, Y80, and Y90

vivo upcoming y lineup of smartphones

Within the Y series, you will find the most inexpensive Vivo smartphones. From the new trademarks, it can be concluded that Vivo intends to change the names of its Y-series. Finally, the manufacturer has now arrived at the Y95 as the current top model within the Y-series.

Vivo will, therefore, have to choose; or working with a hundred counts, or with dozens. From these new registrations, it appears that Vivo will most likely choose the last option. It concerns the names Vivo Y40, Y50, Y60, Y80 and Y90. Why the Y70 is not requested is unknown.

The last mobile phone in the Y-series was introduced in November 2018, the Vivo Y93. It is still unclear when the Chinese manufacturer will reveal a new budget model.

upcoming vivo smartphones during mwc 2019

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LG Bendi, Solid, Solides, XF, and XB foldable smartphones patented



lg bendi foldable smartphone live shots

As it turns out, the rumors surrounding the upcoming plethora of foldable smartphones are not going to stop popping out anytime soon. Not too long ago, we got to know Huawei’s upcoming foldable smartphones and now, LG is also reportedly joining in.

As per the recent report by Letsgodigital, the company has filed the patents for the following smartphones:

  • LG Bendi, Solid, Solides, XF, and XB

lg bendi foldable smartphone live shots

On 21 November 2018, the same day that the other three trademark applications were submitted, LG Electronics also registered five brand names. These were published a day later. The names are LG Bendi, Solid, Solidis, XB and XF.

All applications have been submitted to the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Organization), by the same contact person from Munich, Germany. The trademarks are categorized under Cat 9, including smartphones.

lg upcoming foldable smartphones

The name LG Bendi seems to belong in the list of foldable smartphones at home. Bendi probably refers to ‘bendable’, or bendable. LG has already shown a prototype with a bendable display in the past.


The names LG Solid and LG Solidis seem to refer to a solid, or robust, smartphone. Whether this device will also have a flexible display is unknown. In any case, the names do not seem to belong to an existing series.

lg upcoming foldable smartphone solid lg upcoming foldable smartphone solidis

Then, we have two names LG XB and LG XF. LG already has an X-series smartphone line-up. Possibly these two model names will belong to the existing series.

This series consists of elegant mid-range smartphones that are equipped with an ‘exceptional’ function, according to the manufacturer.

lg upcoming foldable smartphone xf lg upcoming foldable smartphone xb

In case you want to know more about the devices, you can head to Letsgodigital.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming LG foldable smartphones? Do let us know in the comments section down below. Also, do not forget to subscribe to Android Updated. To do so, just tap the bell icon at the bottom of your device screen.

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WhatsApp for Android Updated: Now gives you over an hour to delete a message




  • WhatsApp used to give users as less as 7 minutes to delete a message after sending it
  • The limit has been increased now. For no apparent reason, it has been increased to one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds
  • There is, however, still a catch available (more on that later)

WhatsApp, one of the biggest chat platforms, has recently pushed a new update for Android. After the update, the time limit to unsend or delete a sent message will be increased from just 7 minutes to over an hour.

The Delete Message feature was one of the most practical decisions taken by WhatsApp as it comes in quite handy at times when you send a message you were not supposed to send.

The feature saves a lot of embarrassment if nothing else. Unlike a lot of other messaging apps, if one deletes a message from their end, the message gets deleted from the recipient’s end as well. This is not the case with a lot of the competitors as the message just gets deleted from the sender’s end which kind of does not make any sense.

The reason as to why this specific time extension has been rolled out is still unclear. Nevertheless, users now have ample amount of time to delete a message.

As mentioned above, there is still a catch. There is indeed a one-hour timeframe for the users to delete some message. If, however, the message gets quoted in that timeframe, the message won’t get deleted.

Whether or not the developers of WhatsApp fix this bug is still not clear. We love the update anyway.

What are your thoughts on the latest update? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, do not forget to subscribe to Android Updated. To do so, just tap the bell icon at the bottom of your device.

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