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Android Go: Best Android Go apps, free download and comparisons

If you are an Android fan, chances are highly likely that you have heard about Android Go.

If you haven’t, Android Go is Google’s initiative to provide the Android users with almost the same app experience while reducing the app size and the RAM usage to a significant level.

In this post, you’d be guided with a list of some of the best Android Go apps and their comparison with the original apps as well.

You can download all these Go apps from the Google Play Store or from the download buttons provided here.

So, without waiting anymore, let’s get to business.

Android Go: The best apps worth checking out

1. Google Go

Google Go Android Go apps apk download free

Google Go is the lighter variant of the original Google app. The app provides most of the features of the Google app minus the Google feed and, truth be told, many of the Android users won’t even mind that. 

All the essential features like Voice Search, Maps and Google Translate exist here as well. 

Google Go Android Go app downloadThe app size of Google Go is just around 12MB which when compared to the actual Google App (around 170MB), is pretty much nothing.

On top of that, Google Go uses around 1/4th of the RAM when compared to the original Google app.

You can download Google Go from the button given below:

Download Google Go from here

2. Google Maps Go

Google Maps Go Android Go free apk download

Next up on the list is Google Maps Go. Maps Go is probably the most astonishing app in this list owing to the fact that the app size is just 0.09MB. You read it right. In comparison to its app size, the regular Google Maps (which is just 49MB in size) appears to be a big memory hogger.

Sure, it does not have the real-time navigation system which is kind of a bummer but, then again, one can not just expect everything in just 200KB right?

Google Maps Go RAM usageIn terms of RAM usage as well, the Google Maps Go app shines. It can prove out to be absolutely amazing for smartphones which do not have an ample amount of RAM under the hood.

You can download Google Maps Go from the button below:

Download Google Maps Go from here

3. Files Go

Files Go Android Go free apk download

The Files Go app gained a lot of attention when it got launched because of its Airdrop-like feature. 

The app is not that small in size when we compare it with the rest of the Go apps, but it certainly has a different set of features which are equally productive. From the Home Screen of the app, you can delete duplicate images, low-resolution media, app cache, and a lot more. This app will definitely come in handy when you have a lot of WhatsApp good morning images on your Android device.

You can download Files Go from the button below:

Download Files Go from here

4. Gmail Go

Files Go Android Go app download free

No matter what device you own, you are going to use the Gmail app anyway. Everyone needs to open up their Gmail account at least once in the entire day right?

Gmail Go Android Go app free downloadThough there is not much difference when it comes to the app size of the Gmail Go and the regular Gmail app, the major difference lies in the fact that the Go variant of the Gmail app eats no more than 1/3rd of the RAM as compared to its bigger sibling.

You can get the Gmail Go app from the button given below:

Download Gmail Go from here

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4. YouTube Go

YouTube Go Android go app download free

The YouTube Go app focuses primarily on saving your mobile data and offers you the video quality of your own choosing even before the video starts playing. What’s more – you can share the downloaded videos with your friends nearby using the app.

As compared to the regular YouTube app, the Go variant takes just a small chunk of your storage space. The only downside, though, is the fact that you can not subscribe to any YouTube Channels while using the Go app.

You can download YouTube Go from the button given below:

Download YouTube Go from here

These were our top pickings for the best Android Go apps. What are your thoughts on the list? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, do not forget to subscribe to Android Updated. To do so, just tap the bell icon at the bottom of your device.