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Android Games Weekly: Top 5 Android Adventure Games January #1

Welcome to Android Games Weekly. Let’s have a look at the Top 5  Android Adventure Games for the first week of 2018.

The reason behind the popularity of adventure games is that they let you explore the world and you can experience everything in adventure games. Full of drama, action and puzzles and lot more. So here we are back with the top 5 adventure games of the First week of January.

So, without waiting anymore, let’s dig into the world of android adventure games which you should definitely try once.

Android games weekly: Top 5 Weekly Android Adventure Games January #1

Barren labs adventure gamesBarren Lab

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

Barren Lab is a Physics Puzzle Adventure Game inspired by Limbo which we have already covered in the previous article. This game is developed by makers of Jungle Adventure 2 which was a huge success.

This game is about a boy named Joe who is on a journey to find what he has lost. Help him to escape through numerous traps and obstacles. Find out if He can make out of dark shadows and secret of Barren Lab. Due to popularity, this game is first in on our list of top 5 android adventure games of this week.

In order to download the game, you can hit the Play Store or download it directly from the button above.

Escape the nightmare top 5 Android adventure gameEscape The Nightmare

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

Escape your nightmare is the game about figuring out how could you escape from your own fear and handle it.

Embark on a macabre journey through the dreamland and solve the secret of your imprisonment inside The Nightmare. Enjoy gorgeous and surreal locations, fascinating puzzles, mysterious storyline and nontrivial actions and solutions

Ninja assassin android adventure gamesNinja Assassin: Shadow Fight

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

Ninja Assassin is an intense platform game. This game has an addictive gameplay and it gives you thrilling experience and awesome location with many obstacles.You can upgrade abilities using gold and Gems collected from enemies and the environment in order to keep tracks with the difficulty of the game. move through traps, kill all enemies who try to stop you!

Find out more and download this game from play store.

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Stranger-things android adventure gamesStranger Things: The Game

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

If you are a fan of Netflix show Stranger Things than this game is for you. This is the official game of Stranger things developed by the team of BnousXp.

Stranger Things are afoot again in Hawkins, Indiana. Join Hopper and the kids on a new, action-packed adventure! Explore this game and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Hawkins Indiana.

true fear top 5 android adventure gamesTrue Fear: Forsaken Souls I

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

This is one of the best horror games on play store right now. A lot of hype for this game between android user. It takes the best of the psychological thriller, blending in fun and intuitive gameplay mechanics. The cinematics, puzzles, and hidden object phases have been carefully developed and are steeped in a unique and oppressive atmosphere.

Follow the clue and find more about past. You will be thrilled by this swashbuckling storyline. That’s this game is on our list of top 5 android adventure games.

These were the top 5 Android Adventure games of the week. What are your thoughts about them? Do let us know in the comments section below.