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LG U+ First Drone Phone to be Launched by LG- Features and More

Drone Phone LG U+ will be the first drone phone on earth. Yet no cell phone company has introduced drone phone.

In this era of booming technology, Everyday some new technology comes up with something amazing and unbelievable.

Drone cameras are already booming the market, it is amazing technology to capture photos from a height operating with remote control.

drone phone

Drone camera is an initial phase to make phone fly(drone phone). As for drone cameras, they are still in the developing phase and we can’t say how far we will go with this technological rumble.

LG U+ will change the perceptive of using a cell phone from hands to air. How cool will it be to capture selfies in the air? A user is able to glide during the video call and drift 360 degrees by amazing drone phone LG U+. LG U+ camera, as device captures pic in the air so it will be highly focused and wide area capturing feature. Most probably it has dual camera having superzoom feature and high optimization lens. It is also having the Flying flash mode, Moving theater mode, Top surround mode, Night safety mode, Self-charge mode features. The phone will be operated with a smartwatch.

Whether you are sliding, gliding, skating, ice skiing, cliff jumping, para jumping or you are on a bungee. LG U+, a drone phone will be partnering you everywhere, in the air or on the ground.

In this robotic world, people want automation and comfort in every task. And this LG U+ drone phone is the ultimate level of comfort while using a smartphone. Suppose you are having a group of 10 people and want to click selfie, this drone phone will help you out. If we are talking about the changes in human is an increment of laziness level. Jokes apart it is an extra amazing phone with unbelievable features.

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According to the report, the project is announced but phone yet to be launched. The LG U+ drone phone will be launched soon and the audience will be eagerly waiting for this extra amazing device. Surely this device will boom the market on launch and will take this era of technology to the new level.

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