Samsung dual-edge foldable smartphone: Live shots and renders

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As mentioned in our previous coverage, Samsung is allegedly going to launch an all-new dual-edge foldable smartphone during the Mobile World Congress (2019). The live shots of the device have recently got revealed courtesy of Letsgodigital.

samsung upcoming foldable smartphone full specifications

The teaser video from Samsung has led us to believe that the foldable phone that was shown last November during the Developer Conference is not the smartphone that the Korean manufacturer will release next week. It also seems unlikely that it is the Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone that was subsequently leaked in a teaser video from Samsung Vietnam.

What strikes me about the recently released video is the text ‘curls around’. Around the housing, towards the back of the device? That was not the case with the phone that was shown at the Developer Conference. It also seems to be two separate displays and not one large flexible display. Does this mean that Samsung has another folding smartphone model in development?

Samsung may initially opt for a foldable version that has two separate displays, just like the ZTE Axon M that was launched last year. This way you keep the possibility of folding the phone two ways.

samsung upcoming foldable smartphone with dual edge display schematics

LetsGoDigital has had a series of 3D visualizations designed for a foldable Samsung smartphone with a Dual Display. The 3D renders are based on the design patent that was published on 12 February 2019 by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). In our publication about the Samsung foldable smartphone with a dual display, you can read more about the contents of this patent.

Closed is the screen on the inside and you can easily carry the device with you, without damaging the display. Do you only need one screen? Then you fold the displays backward, so you have a regular smartphone display at your disposal. In addition, you can, of course, use the two screens next to each other.

samsung upcoming foldable smartphone to be launched on february 20

Obviously, the design of Samsung looks a bit nicer and more modern than that of ZTE. The device has a modern design with narrow screen edges and a beautifully rounded edge display. This makes the smartphone look particularly stylish when the device is folded, with the displays facing out.

A selfie camera and the receiver are placed above the right display. In addition, the rear offers space for a dual camera, which is positioned vertically from each other. At the bottom, the Samsung foldable smartphone is equipped with a USB Type-C connection and a 3.5 mm connection. A microphone is placed on both the top and bottom of the device.

samsung upcoming foldable smartphone full specifications

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Samsung upcoming foldable smartphone

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