Samsung Smart Mirror TV lets you watch the world and your own self

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Ever wondered if you could watch your favorite TV shows on your mirror? Samsung Smart Mirror TV lets you do the same.

We at Android Updated usually concern ourselves with Android smartphones and tablets, but every now and then we get amazed with the progress the world of technology has made.

Our amazing friends at Letsgodigital have provided us with a scoop on the upcoming Samsung Smart Mirror TV.

The Smart Mirror TV is essentially a virtually borderless TV that transforms itself into a mirror the moment it is turned off.

A recently published patent shows that technology giant Samsung is also investigating the possibilities of a smart mirror. Samsung, however, opts for a slightly different approach, it is a TV that transforms itself into a smart mirror.

Samsung has been designing lifestyle televisions for some time, for example, Samsung The Frame. This TV can be turned into a work of art when the television is switched off. Samsung probably wants to apply the same principle to the smart mirror TV.

The design patent of Samsung Electronics was initially filed in the US with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and was subsequently registered with the Global Design Database of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office), where the patent on October 16, 2018, published.

It is a design patent, which means that in addition to a series of images, only a summary description is mentioned. Nonetheless, the Samsung TV is illuminated from all sides, the device has a square design with rounded corners and very narrow screen edges. The rear offers space for various connections, including the power supply.

From the summary description you can see that you can use the television in ‘the first state’, while in ‘the second state’ you have a mirror at your disposal. Probably ‘the first state’ means that the TV is switched on, while ‘the second state’ shows the function for when the television set is in standby mode.

samsung smart mirror tv price

We also see this principle with Samsung The Frame TVs. Some time ago, the company also already applied for a trademark for Samsung The Window, possibly a transparent TV. Perhaps we can add ‘Samsung The Mirror TV’ here in the future.

The design looks at least ingenious, although the design is debatable. A square TV … that probably means that you see pretty wide black bars at the top and bottom when watching TV, and TV programs are no longer broadcast in the traditional 4: 3 ratio.

samsung smart mirror tv live shots

One of the patent images shows that the weather forecast is shown, while someone looks at himself in the mirror. Another image illustrates a Samsung Galaxy smartphone shown on television, it is probably possible to connect your smartphone directly to the TV and thus to view the content on your smartphone via your television.

samsung smart mirror tv full specifications and price

It is possible that Samsung will also add touchscreen functionality to the smart mirror, as well as smart lighting. In addition, it seems obvious that Bixby, Samsung’s own speech assistant, will be built in.

It is as yet unknown if and when Samsung will launch this smart mirror TV. But now that there are already several smart mirrors available, it is certainly not inconceivable that Samsung will also jump into this hole. It would, in any case, be a nice addition to the already special portfolio of Samsung TV models.

samsung smart mirror tv full features

View the patent of the Samsung smart mirror TV here.


Samsung Smart Mirror TV

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