Samsung Galaxy F foldable smartphone: More live shots and video

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More live shots and promotional video of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy F foldable smartphone have recently got revealed courtesy of Letsgodigital.

We have noticed a number of noteworthy differences between the foldable smartphone model that can be seen in the teaser video and the mobile device that was shown last November at the Samsung Developer Conference. The smartphone housing was a dummy case at the time, so you could only see the flexible display and not the design of the phone itself. LetsGoDigital has already had 3D renders designed for this device last year.

What immediately strikes you when looking at the teaser video is the thickness of the device. The Samsung Galaxy F seems to be paper thin. Justin Denison, senior vice president of Samsung’s Mobile Product Marketing, has already revealed at the Developer Conference that the screen will be thinner than ever before, the polarizer has been thinned down by 45%. This layer determines the thickness of the display for a large part.

samsung galaxy f foldable smartphone full specifications and features

We also see that four icons are displayed next to each other on the start screen when the device is folded. This is remarkable because the foldable smartphone that Justin Denison had in his hands showed five icons in a row. On the Samsung One UI web page, the user interface for Samsung’s folding smartphone, four icons are displayed in a row – just like in the video.

Another difference that even more clearly catches the eye is, of course, the display at the front. The device that was shown at the Developer Conference had significantly thicker screen edges. While the foldable smartphone in the Samsung video shows a virtually full-screen display, more in line with the phones as they are presented today.

Justin Denison told in November that the Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone will feature a 4.58-inch front-display (840 × 1960 pixels). The phone folds open to a 7.3-inch tablet with QXGA + resolution (1536 × 2152 pixels).

What does this mean? Or Samsung will double surprise us at the end of the month and says; ‘Here is our foldable smartphone, we have decided to make the display at the front a bit bigger, you probably will not mind’. Or we are looking at a teaser video of a future foldable Samsung smartphone. I would certainly not want to exclude this last option, although the opinion on this is divided on the editorial staff.

Anyway, it is a fact that there are several smartphone models on the teaser video from Samsung that are not yet revealed. It seems to be a Galaxy Note smartphone with a full-screen full display, possibly the Galaxy Note 10. The upper and lower bezel is, in any case, a lot smaller than with the current Note 9, in terms of design and camera positioning show the two devices a lot of similarities.

samsung galaxy f foldable smartphone live shots

In addition, we see a future Galaxy S smartphone with rounded corners. The phone does not seem to have a hole in the display for the camera. The selfie camera is placed completely under the display, without a cutout being made in the screen. In other words, this is not the Galaxy S10, but rather the Galaxy S11, or whatever the device may be called by that time. This type of display was announced as a New Infinity display at the Samsung Developers Conference. This screen may be used for the first time with the Note 10, which is expected in the second half of 2019.

Furthermore, the teaser video shows an electronic device with a remarkably large display, a kind of futuristic tablet with very minimal screen edges. Incidentally, not only future smartphone and tablet models are shown, but there are also various innovative functions.

For example, at the beginning of the video, we see a sort of transparent display or a projector image. It has been discussed for a long time that Samsung is working on a projector or 3D hologram function. The company has also experimented with transparent OLED displays in the past.

Later in the video, there are also gesture functions at the moment the big tablet is in the picture. Samsung is not the only manufacturer that seems to see future in this. LG also put a teaser online last week that was about gestures, we hear more about this at MWC 2019.

Also in the video attention is paid to AR gaming. The fact that Samsung takes mobile gaming seriously turned out last year when the company had invited Fortnite to speak at the press conference of the Galaxy Note 9. The Android version of this popular game appeared for a short time exclusively for Samsung’s top model. There are also sounds that the company has a gaming smartphone in development. Last week, LetsGoDigital reported on a foldable Samsung gaming smartphone.

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