[Woah]: Samsung to launch a new smartphone with magnetic coupling

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Samsung is reportedly going to launch a new smartphone which will comprise of two different smartphones connected with a magnetic coupling.

The report has come to Android Updated courtesy of Letsgodigital.

samsung upcoming smartphone with magnetic coupling live shots

At the end of June 2018, Samsung Electronics applied for a patent at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for an ‘Electronic device with two display devices and method of operating’. The patent was published on 3 January 2019 and describes a unique smartphone that can be linked magnetically.

It is not a foldable phone, nor is it used for a flexible display. Nevertheless, the device offers many similar functionalities. It is the case with its magnets that makes this smartphone a special copy. It is possible that Samsung intends to continue developing its high-end Galaxy Note series in this way. In any case, the design looks ingenious.

It is actually two smartphones, both with their own housing and processor. The devices can function completely independently of each other. The unique thing about this design is that it can be magnetically connected. Both Samsung smartphones have three magnets, which creates numerous possibilities to use the devices.

By using a cylindrical magnet that is placed over the entire longitudinal axis of the phone you can use the two smartphone parts side by side, giving you access to a double-sized display surface. In fact, the same as a foldable smartphone, although there is, of course, a frame and between, nevertheless the content can overlap both screens.

samsung upcoming smartphone magnetic mechanism full specifications

But there are many more possibilities to use this unique Samsung smartphone. This is partly due to the use of the cylindrical magnets, although these are not the only magnets used in this smartphone, they ensure that the magnetic force (N / Z pole) can rotate, depending on how the smartphones work together linked.

You can also disconnect the display devices from each other, to then magnetically couple the back sides, so that you have a screen on both sides of the smartphone. In addition, it is possible to partially attach the back of one device to the front of the other. You can use the main camera as a selfie camera, while the second housing offers a full screen. The patent images give a good representation of the versatility of this device.

samsung upcoming smartphone with magnets

Depending on how the Samsung smartphones are connected, a certain output takes place on one or both screens. The content can be screen-dependent, so you can consult the internet on one screen while sending a message via the other display. Do you need a large display? For example, to watch a video, the content can also be overlapping screen. And if you need a keyboard, you can use one screen partially under the other.

The patented Samsung smartphone has a very innovative and multifunctional design. As far as I’m concerned, Samsung brings this device into production!

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