[Exclusive]: LG to launch a new smartphone with a roll-up display

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LG is reportedly working on launching a new smartphone with a roll-up display. The company has already filed the patents for the same.

The report has come to Android Updated courtesy of Letsgodigital.

On December 20, 2018, WIPO published a patent from LG Electronics for a ‘rollable mobile terminal’. The smartphone is equipped with a flexible touchscreen that can roll in and roll out. The rollable smartphone also features a second screen, a stylus pen, and multiple cameras. It’s a very multi-functional device.

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The LG rollable smartphone has housing on both sides of the flexible display. The display can be opened to leftward or rightward. The interface will be adjusted accordingly, illustrated by the accompanying images. When the user makes use of the full display three pages/apps can be run simultaneously.

The smaller touch screen is located in the left housing. This housing also contains a stylus pen, which can be pulled out by pressing on the bottom. The right housing is provided with a mechanical control element, this can also be used as a jog wheel. The left housing will also contain a button on the rear, which functions as an on / off button and as a fingerprint scanner. Directly below, a volume button is placed.

The rollable smartphone from LG contains multiple cameras that can be placed in a matrix configuration (camera array) or stereoscopically, enabling the user to take 3D photos. Earlier this month the Korean manufacturer was also granted a patent for a  3D smartphone camera. In case LG chooses this camera-type, a camera will be placed on the front and back of the device. Also, a laser sensor will be integrated. As the placement of the cameras is not final yet, they are not shown in the illustrations.

In addition, the rollable device offers support for two user accounts. The users can be assigned different rights. In addition, it is also possible that the user can only use the right part.

Finally, the patent description states that a protection cover or similar accessory will also be supplied. In addition to smartphones, patented technology is also applicable to laptops, tablets, and smartwatches.

Here you can find the rollable smartphone patent from LG Electronics.

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