Samsung is developing a Dynamic Vision sensor for Galaxy S10

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Samsung is going to launch the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup of smartphones during the Mobile World Congress 2019. So far, we have got plenty of intel on the lineup.

Now, a recent report from Letsgodigital suggests that the company is developing a Dynamic Vision Sensor for the Galaxy S10 devices.

Samsung Electronics has filed three trademarks in the home country of Korea with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office). These were applied for on December 6, 2018, and were published today, these are the brand names Dynamic Vision, Private Vision and Detect Vision.

samsung galaxy s10 latest renders

From the description, it can be concluded that these are movement sensors that can be used for facial recognition.

Samsung Detect Vision seems to focus primarily on detecting a person. Private Vision will undoubtedly have to do with privacy. You may be able to secure certain documents via face recognition.

In 2016 it was first reported about Samsung and a Dynamic Vision Sensor. This should make it possible to record videos with a speed of 2000fps! Such a speed can come in handy with 3D mapping, which contributes to a safer face detection. Earlier it was already mentioned that Samsung will possibly equip the Galaxy S10 series with a 3D camera.

Yesterday, LetsGoDigital reported on three other trademarks, indicating that Samsung intends to introduce a new smartphone series. It concerns the brand names Rize10, Rize20, and Rize30, perhaps that these names for the three S10 smartphones will be used.

Although it is of course also possible that it will be a completely new series of telephones. Finally, in 2019 Samsung will make more changes to the names. Consider, for example, the arrival of the Galaxy M series, which will replace the Galaxy J series. There also seems to be a new AMOLED display in development, Samsung has today applied for a trademark for Dynamic AMOLED.

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