Vivo Nex 2S: Latest live shots of the upcoming device leaked

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Vivo is reportedly working on launching the second generation Vivo NEX 2S pretty soon. The live shots of the device have recently popped up on the internet courtesy of Trending Leaks.

vivo nex 2s live shots and leaks (1) vivo nex 2s leaks vivo nex 2s

We already know that the Vivo NEX S2 will sport a dual-screen design and a triple rear camera setup.

As per the reports by IceUniverse and Trending Leaks, the device will feature a lot of futuristic tech including a Lunar Ring surrounding a triple camera module which is a colorful RGB LED ring around the camera. Additionally, the Vivo NEX S2 will also feature a dual screen display.

The dual display and the triple camera setup will ensure that taking selfies would be an easy job as the secondary display will act as a viewfinder. The Lunar Ring (if it turns out to be true) would look absolutely amazing and will be a nice thing to have in a premium device like this.

As of now, there is no word on the price and the release date of the device. We are not sure as to whether or not the information is legit, so take this news with a pinch of salt. Furthermore, we can expect to get further intel on the same in the coming days.

Meanwhile, you can go to Trending Leaks to check out all the latest smartphone leaks and news.

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