Samsung patents a new dual screen smartphone: Renders leaked

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Samsung is trying its level best to stay on the top of the food chain when it comes to Android. After unveiling the first-ever foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy F, the company is reportedly working on launching its first dual screen smartphone soon.

As per the report provided to Android Updated by Letsgodigital, Samsung has filed the patent for a new smartphone which will feature a dual screen. They also provided us with a couple of render images of the same.

samsung dual screen smartphone full details

It’s a dual-screen smartphone with two housings that can be bent at different angles and will be kept together by a magnetic force.

It’s a fairly new patent that was submitted in May 2018. The patent from Samsung Electronics was published on 29 November 2018 by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). The patented Samsung smartphone has two separate housings, each with a (nearly) full screen display. Fully unfolded you have a tablet-size phone. In addition, the device can be folded in such a way that the displays will be faced outwards.

samsung dual screen smartphone renders

General data such as time, status bar, battery and signal strength are all shown on the left display. This screen can also display a keyboard, the content will then be shown on the other display.

The patented foldable smartphone has two cameras. A camera, a flash and a speaker are placed at the front of the smartphone. Once unfolded, the phone has a camera, a lighting sensor and a proximity sensor on the left upper side.

Although this is not shown on the pictures, the device will also include an audio jack, which will be placed on the top or bottom of the device. The power button and the volume button are placed on the side of the first housing.

samsung dual screen smartphone patent


Here you can find the patent from Samsung Electronics.

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Samsung's upcoming dual screen smartphone

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