[Exclusive]: Samsung Galaxy F foldable smartphone design variants revealed

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Last week, we got to see the first-ever 3D renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy F foldable smartphone and no matter how difficult or impractical the design language of the device appears to be, Samsung is apparently keen to make foldable smartphones a regular edition in their flagship lineup of smartphones.

DJ Koh, president of Samsung Mobile, has announced last week that the company wants to introduce new foldable models every year.

As per the reports, Samsung has filed a patent for a bunch of upcoming foldable smartphones with different designs.

The patent describes a foldable smartphone with a display on the front, and a larger tablet size display on the inside. Various options are discussed for the display at the front.

samsung galaxy f foldable smartphone design variant

With the first smartphone model, we see narrow screen edges, with the speaker and sensors incorporated in the bezel. Presumably, we also see that with the Samsung Galaxy F, although that device will actually look a bit narrower than the patent sketches do.

In another, more advanced model, the main display runs through the side of the device all the way to the front. Here too we see a bezel on the top and bottom. Then Samsung has patented an even more advanced design, in which the speaker, sensors and a home button are incorporated in the display.

Two other foldable Samsung smartphones show a front display that covers only half of the front. Then the upper or the lower part. The latest variation shows two narrow front displays. For example, a keyboard can be shown on the lower display, while the upper part shows the input. Instead of two narrow screens, one can also opt for one narrow screen.

samsung galaxy f foldable smartphone various design variants

The flexible display is touch sensitive and can also be operated with a stylus pen. The display at the front is connected to the main display. If one of the two screens is not in use, it can be switched off automatically.

The patent also provides new insights regarding the hinge. A rotatable hinge has been used, which is very slim. The patent description also talks about the presence of a digital camera, although it is not clear where the camera is placed.

samsung galaxy f foldable smartphone price

samsung galaxy f foldable smartphone

To know more about the designs, you can head to Letsgodigital.

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