Good news Galaxy S9/S9+ users: Android 9.0 Pie has started rolling out

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Samsung has reportedly begun rolling out the Android 9.0 Beta version of its Experience UI to the Samsung Galaxy S9 lineup of smartphones in South Korea. This is a great news and certainly solidifies the earlier claims which suggested that the Galaxy S9/S9+ devices will start receiving Android Pie in the month of December.

The update is pretty substantial and a pretty heavy one at that, 1.6GB to be precise and packs in all the latest features of the Android Pie OS.

samsung galaxy s9 lineup android pie update schedule and download

The screenshot is written in Korean and IceUniverse has not revealed much about the features so far.

To know more about the Galaxy S9 lineup of smartphones, you can head to our existing coverage of the same.

As of now, there is not much known about the update, but it is surely going to arrive pretty soon in the other countries as well. The Exynos variants of the device will get updated first, followed by the Snapdragon counterparts.

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