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Samsung recently unveiled the Samsung Galaxy F foldable smartphone during the Samsung Developers Conference. The device is soon going to be a reality and will sell for $1,770.

Once again, Letsgodigital were kind enough to provide Android Updated with the latest scoop of intel on the device as we have now received the exclusive 3D renders of the Samsung Galaxy F.

Here’s how the device will look like in real time:

samsung galaxy f live shots

Samsung has already revealed that the folding smartphone will have two screens, which are significantly thinner than before. At the front, the phone has a 4.6-inch display with a resolution of 840 × 1960 pixels. If you open the phone, a 7.3-inch flexible AMOLED display with QXGA + resolution (1536 × 2152 pixels) unfolds.

Unfolded, the phone gets a real tablet function thanks to its large flexible screen. Three active apps can be run next to each other without any problems. The cover window, which is placed above the display, will not be made of glass, but of transparent plastic.

samsung galaxy f real images

Although the foldable phone looked pretty thick during the presentation at the Developers Conference in the used case, you could at least see that the device will get minimal screen edges. Completely in trend with the current non-foldable smartphones. Nicely rounded corners, as we have become accustomed to from Samsung for years, will give the mobile device the final touch.

Samsung has not only spent a lot of time and money developing a suitable flexible display and a corresponding interface, but the hinge will also become an important part of the overall user experience. The foldable phone needs to be able to be bent over and over again without any damage.

samsung galaxy f wallpapers

Clearly, if the end product turns out to be this good-looking, the entire theory of the foldable smartphones will finally receive some justification.

As of now, little is known about the official specifications of the device as the device shown during the Samsung Developers Conference was a mere prototype (Samsung had to dim the lights of the hall to hide the awkward looking prototype).

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