[Exclusive]: Samsung Galaxy X will be followed by a foldable tablet

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Samsung is working on launching the Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone pretty soon, November 7 if the previous reports have to be believed. So far, we have got plenty of intel on the device and cannot wait for it to be a reality.

To add more to the fun, a recent report claims that the Samsung Galaxy X will be followed by a foldable tablet.

samsung upcoming foldable tablet release date

The report has come up courtesy of Letsgodigital and clearly shows off the same tech the Samsung Galaxy X is going to incorporate. There will be a considerable amount of bezels on either side and the tablet will fold into half as seen in the image.

As per the report, Samsung had filed the patent for the foldable tablet under the codename Display device back in April 2018.

samsung upcoming foldable tablet full specifications

Samsung is going to hold a two-day conference in San Francisco which is going to be called the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC). The event will take place from November 7 to November 8 and will focus on Samsung’s upcoming software innovations, AI, and IoT products. That said, the world of Android will be more curious to see the first preview of the foldable smartphone which is also going to make its way to the SDC.

samsung galaxy x foldable smartphone launch date november 7

As per the Korean Times, an unnamed source has revealed the following information:

We may provide partial information on the foldable phone at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in November, but the finished product won’t be available there.

Korean Times Apple co-founder

As per the recent interview the company’s executive DJ Koh had with CNBC, the Galaxy X is almost ready and will most certainly be launched somewhere in the month of November. The device, according to Koh, is not far away.

As of now, there is no word on the official specifications of the foldable tablet by Samsung?

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Source LetsgoDigital

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