Samsung Internet for Android Updated (V7.4): Shopping Assistant incoming

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Samsung Internet is one of the most popular browsers in the Android ecosystem and it’s party because it is the default browsing app for all the Samsung devices, but it is also famous for all the productive add-ons it offers.

The app has recently got a new update (V7.4) which brings about a bunch of new features. V7.4 was already available as a beta and now the developers have pushed the final build across all the devices. You can download the latest Samsung Internet update from the Google Play Store (or you can get it directly from the button given at the end of the post).

Though some of the features were already available in the beta (like a new improved downloads menu, the Samsung Intelligent Scan authentication, and a new reader mode), there are some new subtle improvements and features which are absolutely noteworthy.

Samsung Internet (V7.4): New features

latest samsung internet update download apk for free beta

The first notable feature which the update brings about is the personal shopping assistant which provides articles, reviews, and offers based on what the user is searching for. This would necessarily save a lot of time and hassle of going through the trouble to search the products online. It also informs the users about the various cashback offers.

The feature is disabled by default, but you can enable it by going to the Menu > Extensions and enable Quick Suggest.

latest samsung internet update download apk

The other major feature is News Push which provides push notifications for CNN, Reuters, and BBC News. The interface is fairly minimal and completely ad-free.

The update is already available on the Google Play Store and you can download it from the button below.

Get it from the Google Play Store

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Samsung Internet (V7.4)

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