Google Voice for Android Updated (V2018.36): fixed contacts sorting, design overhaul, and more

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Google Voice for Android has got a new update. After the update (V2018.36), you would get a bunch of subtle bug fixes and some new design makeovers. It once looked like Google will have to remove the Google Voice from its plethora of Gapps, but the company is apparently working on giving the app a new life and that is apparent by the number of updates that have been rolling out lately.

Contacts sorting has got fixed

google voice latest update fixed contact sorting

For some unknown reason, the contacts in the app could never be sorted properly. After the update, the bug appears to have been fixed. In case you make use of Google Voice, you would notice the change in your app after the update.

Design changes

google voice latest update design changes

The update has also brought about a bunch of design makeovers. For starters, the icons are more subtle and minimal. They fall more in line with the overall design of the app.

Furthermore, the teardown of the APK brings about a new feature which might be rolled out in the coming update. If the report turns out to be true, the Google Voice will soon support a “Mark as read” feature from the notifications tray.

<string name=sms_notification_action_mark_as_read>Mark as Read</string>


istener.NotificationMessageListener_Receiver android:exported=false>

<action android:name=NOTIFICATION_TEXT_MARK_AS_READ />


In case you make use of the Google Voice app, you might want to try out the latest update. You can check out the Google Play Store to do that or you can update your app from the button below.

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Subtle changes

Google Voice V2018.36

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