Instagram is reportedly working on launching a standalone shopping Android app

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Instagram is reportedly working on launching a new standalone shopping app for Android. The app is already famous for providing the shoppers with a lot of intel on the new products via its sponsored shopping posts and stories. Instagram even makes a ton of money using these features.

The best thing about these posts is the fact that they do not look like the routine ads and they do not mess around with the user experience. The company, however, wants to take things further in the world of online shopping and is reportedly going to capitalize on the huge shopping potential of the app.

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As per the report, “two people familiar with the matter” (cough cough) talked about the matter with The Verge and they revealed that the app will be dubbed IG Shopping.

The IG Shopping app will allow you to browse through the products of the merchants that you follow and enable you to buy the products from right within the app.

The shopping feature that is already present in the Instagram app also lets you shop, but it requires the user to open up the merchant’s native website which somehow interferes with the overall user experience. The IG Shopping app aims to make things all the way more seamless.

Just like the Instagram Direct and the IGTV, the IG Shopping app will also be accessible from within the main app as the developers do not want to follow the footsteps of the Facebook app and the Messenger app (the split has never been taken positively).

As of now, these are early days and nothing could be said for sure as to whether or not the app will make it to the Google Play Store, but we can certainly hope for the best.

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