Samsung Pay expands even further: The service reaches South Africa

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Samsung is celebrating the third birthday of its mobile payment service, the Samsung Pay and, in lieu of that, the company has expanded the service to the 24th market of the world. Starting today, Samsung Pay will be available to all the supported Samsung devices in South Africa.

samsung pay support in south africa

Just like a lot of other online payment services, Samsung Pay did not receive a welcoming start as there was a huge lack of cross-platform support and the company was on the verge of calling off the service at one point of time. Thankfully, that did not turn out to be the case and Samsung Pay has grown almost exponentially ever since. The service has passed more than 1.3 billion transactions globally and has tie-ups with more than 2,000 vendors from the banking and financial sector all over the world.

Samsung Pay essentially allows the Samsung Galaxy smartphones users to shop seamlessly without having to carry their credit/debit cards and is way more secure and faster as well.

samsung pay south africa

As of now, only Absa and Standard Bank in South Africa have support for Samsung Pay, but more banks are soon going to follow suit.

All the leading Samsung devices have support for Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay: Eligible devices

samsung pay released in south africa

You can check out the eligible banks and the eligible devices for the Samsung Pay service from Samsung’s official website.

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