Samsung patents self-regenerating oleophobic coating: Foldable devices are approaching

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When it comes to innovations in the world of Android, Samsung holds a very special place. The company has brought about a lot of revolutionary changes in terms of design, software, camera, and pretty much everything we could talk about.

Recently, the company unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 flagship smartphone which is indeed the best Android smartphone launched so far in 2018. No matter how much the other companies like Huawei mock Samsung for not being able to pull off significant upgrades when it comes to its flagships, we cannot take anything away from the company.

For starters, the curved displays which are pretty common now were once introduced to the world by none other than Samsung itself and now every company is following suit.

The problem with curved displays, however, is that they are prone to get shattered pretty easily. As the recent development suggests, Samsung is pretty aware of this fact as it has recently patented a new self-healing oleophobic coating to safeguard the Gorilla Glass sandwiched inside it.

samsung new self healing oleophobic coating patent

The patent report has been taken from the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and we are indeed going to get the upcoming Samsung smartphones coming up with the new tech.

Most of the current Samsung flagship smartphones come packed with a Gorilla Glass 5 protection on both the front and the back and the glass is encased in a standard oleophobic coating. The coating also helps in keeping away the fingerprints, so the new self-regenerating coating would be all the way more helpful in that regard as well.

As we all know, Samsung is looking forward to launching its first-ever foldable smartphone dubbed the Samsung Galaxy X somewhere in the month of January 2019, this new patent might solve the issues that may arise with a foldable display.

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