Android Pie (Android 9): Everything you need to know

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Google has officially announced the next generation of its Android OS dubbed the Android Pie or the Android 9. The latest Android update has already started rolling out in the stable form in the Google Pixel lineup of smartphones (Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL). Interestingly enough, the Essential Phone has also started receiving the Android Pie update.

Android Pie: Full features

android pie full features

An all-new gesture-based navigation system

Starting things off with the most apparent feature of them all, starting with Android Pie, the navigation experience of the Android devices is going to be completely revamped. The back button is still there, but the home button and the app switcher have now been replaced by a single gesture-based button. Swiping up will open up the recent app and swiping it once more will open the app drawer. Swiping the bar to the right switches between the latest two apps.

android pie new gesture based navigation details

Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness

The next noteworthy feature is Adaptive Battery which analyses the usage of all the apps and cuts off allocating the resources to those apps which you don’t use often, thereby saving on some precious juice.

android pie adaptive brightness feature

Furthermore, the Adaptive Brightness feature will automatically adjust the brightness of the device according to your location which is kind of the same found in the Galaxy S9 lineup of devices.

App Slices and App Actions

Adding on to the list of the AI features, Android Pie will cut your apps into slices (pun intended, maybe) and the slices will insert themselves into different apps whenever required. The most productive example is a search performed in the Google app for a place. If you search for a particular place in your locality, the OS will now insert the options of booking a cab from your favorite car rental app (depending on the place in the world you are from).

android pie ai machine learning features

The App Actions feature will insert certain quick actions within the app launcher at certain times of the day based on your activities. For example, after the Android Pie update, whenever you plug in a pair of earphones in your device, the device will start a particular playlist of the songs which you listen to most frequently. The App Actions will observe your general behavior and will improve over time.

android pie app actions feature

Notifications redesigned

The notifications have also got a design overhaul. The icons are now circular and the notifications show expanded previews for messages along with a provision of smart replies. This feature has particularly grabbed our attention as smart replies might turn out to be a thing in the near future.

android pie notification features

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing was one of the most talked-about things in the Google I/O this year. After the Android Pie update, your device will track down your regular device usage and will set App Timers to prevent overusing apps. Furthermore, the device will automatically turn on Night Light and Do Not Disturb modes and will turn on the grayscale display mode before your bedtime. This is particularly intended towards those who overuse their Android smartphones and impact their health while doing so.

android pie digital wellbeing feature

On top of these major changes, the Android Pie update brings about a ton of fixes and is surely one of the most promising updates in the recent times. We cannot just call it an incremental update. The introduction of the new gesture-based navigation system is completely going to change the way we interact with the apps in our smartphones.

As of now, the Android Pie update is available to be downloaded in the Google Pixel lineup of smartphones and the Essential Phone. We can certainly expect devices like the OnePlus 6 to soon follow suit.

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[…] Android Pie (Android 9): Everything you need to know […]


[…] Android Pie (Android 9): Everything you need to know […]