LG smart pen: The flexible pen-phone gets patented by the company

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LG has patented another amazing invention – a new smart pen that has to replace your smartphone for good. If the company succeeds to make a final product out of it, this is surely going to be the future of mobile technology.

lg smart pen full features

As seen in the image, the smart pen will have two displays – one which shows off the device notifications as well as the app shortcuts, while the other one is a foldable display which, when retracted, becomes a full-fledged smartphone. There is a dedicated button which can be rolled out to use the pen as a smartphone.

We can see that the pen will be able to deliver a regular smartphone experience and all the usual Android apps will run easily. Notice the Facebook and the Instagram app icon in the image below.

lg smart pen renders

On top of all this, the smart pen features the regular sensors found in a regular smartphone. The proximity sensor, Gyroscope, and the usual sensors are all there. We will even get a camera as well as a fingerprint scanner with the device.

Though, it would be interesting to see as to how it would feel to talk to someone using a pen held up against one’s ears.

lg smart pen patent images

The most interesting feature is that you can pair the smart pen with any smartphone/tablet and writing on any surface would make the text appear on the paired device as well. How practical this feature would turn out to be is a question only the future has the answer to.

lg smart pen display

Though there is no guarantee as to whether the company would ever launch this device, it is for sure a step in the right direction. The world of Android always craves for more and this is something any tech enthusiast would love to have in their pocket.

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