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Mobile & social media addiction is the new age trouble that is causing a serious harm to our lifestyle. People are glued to their smartphone devices where they spend hours watching videos, playing games, socializing on social media apps, and doing similar things. While this issue is not limited to any age group or region, efforts to deal with it are underway.

One possible and effective solution to this trouble is using mobile usage monitoring apps that help you keep a tab on your mobile usage and help you reduce it drastically.

Social Fever is a meticulously designed monitoring app that helps you track your smartphone and app usage. You can use this smart solution to reduce your digital footprints significantly. It offers a bunch of useful features. Let’s discuss some of them here.

Social Fever Android app: Full features

Track Goals

social fever android app full features

To begin with, the app allows you to set and track goals to reduce smartphone dependence. To set a goal, you need to mention specific apps and time you want to spend on each one of them. Here, you can add multiple apps to tracking modules. Once you set the tracking module, you can monitor the app usage in real-time to manage and reduce it effectively.

App Usage

social fever android app full features

Social Fever not only helps you view and manage your overall smartphone usage, it also helps you manage individual app usage.

Here, you can view individual app usage and manage it as per your need. Using this feature, you can save valuable time by reducing the time you spend on unnecessary apps.


social fever android app full features and free apk download

Here, the app will show you app usage or time history for the last 7 days. It will display this information in a graphical format for better understanding.


social fever app download apk free

By setting interests for yourself, you can keep a tab on information like how you could spend your time that you have saved by reducing dependence on your smartphone.

Ear Health

social fever android app specifications and features

Social Fever offers you an intuitive solution to keep your health intact as well. The app sends you alerts when you spend long hours listening to your favorite music or playing games using earphones. It is useful to give a break to yourself to avoid damage to your ears.

Eye Health: In addition to ear health, the app also helps you with alerts when you spend long hours staring at your device screen. It is a useful feature to give a break to your mind and body in addition to your eyes.

Other Features

  • To view app usage in real-time, use the “Show App Tracking” feature.
  • You can change daily report delivery time by making a small tweak in settings. The default report delivery time is 22:00 hours.
  • You can use the “Show daily report” feature to see and manage daily set goals.
  • To clear old history, simply press the “Clear History” option.
  • You can click on the “Show Interest” option to make the required changes in interests.

Final Verdict: Social Fever is a simple yet powerful solution that helps you reduce your smartphone addiction significantly. It helps you track your overall smartphone & app usage and further reduce or manage it seamlessly. This nifty tool is also useful for keeping your ear & eye health intact. You can use this smart solution for instant and effective results.

In case you want to download the Social Fever app, you can download it from the Google Play Store or you can hit the button below to get it from right here.

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Social Fever

The Social Fever app is a pretty useful app and it is going to help those who tend to spend a lot of time on their Android devices.

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