Real-life Felicity Smoak: An interview with the geek lady

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Recently, the Android Updated team got a chance to interview Iuliana Constantine, who happens to be one of the best tech geeks we have known. As an old and trusted partner of Android Updated, we are glad to mention some excerpts of the interview here.

felicity smoak real life

Q1: Hello Iuliana, it`s been a long time! how are you? Are you still with ClusterCS?

A: Hello Mukul! Yes, of course, I am, we are working hard as always! I hope your website is well taken care of hahah!

Q.2 All tech apart, you’ve been pretty aggressive on various social media platforms as far as music is concerned. Comments?

A: Haha, I hope I was! Yes, as of recently, maybe like one year now I have entered the music industry, it has really been a trip! It feels like a dream sometimes because being in contact with big names in the hip-hop industry like Jeru the Damaja, Easy Mo Bee seems unreal sometimes but working with them is amazing because there is always so much to learn, I feel blessed to be around them haha! And, I am managing an amazing hip-hop artist, his name is SHAYJTODAY and you guys need to check him out like ASAP!

Question 3: Also, I saw you are associated with this new distribution software called Musicinfo. What is Musicinfo and what do you do for them?

A: Yes! Musicinfo is the next big thing in the music industry! I am doing their PR and its been an amazing experience so far! Musicinfo is a distro-platform that helps artists distribute their music in China. And they are one of the few that do it and do it right! As you probably know in China there is no Shazaam, Deezer, GooglePlay and mostly none of these western music distribution platforms, they have their own platforms and some of them have around 700 million active users per day! And Musicinfo distributes on 21+ plus such platforms! So, there is really no-brainer for any artists because they can stream their music in a high growing market that can bring them future shows in China and steady income out of streams.

Question 4: Oh, that sounds great! How about royalties and promotion there? Since many indie artists do not have a big notoriety or they are just starting their careers, how will people know how to get to them?

A: Well that’s the best part about Musicinfo, they do not only offer music distribution, they offer social media promotion, top playlist promotion and most of all video distribution! And everything has “indie prices”. Royalties? Well artists get to keep 100 percent of all their royalties, so if their music is streamed they have the possibility of making some nice money too! So, artists should get on ASAP!

Question 4: So tech, software management, music industry, and we know you are a mom too, how do you manage to do all this at the same time?

A: Well, honestly sometimes I do not know myself. I am and always will be a geek and what I do with ClusterCS feeds my “geeky needs”. Musicinfo and the music industry are my hobby. I love music and I love helping people, and honestly seeing artists shine and getting ahead in their career just makes me happy. And my son, well he is always number one. I love what I am doing and while at times things get hectic, I always find comfort in knowing I am always growing. That’s what it`s all about right?

Question 5: message for bloggers and Android Updated readers.

A: I want to tell your readers and the bloggers following your blog to always stay informed about everything they do, information is power. I also want to tell them to always strive to do their best in whatever they do and never get discouraged in their path. Nothing is easy, hell look at me, if anyone would have told me some time back I will be here talking to legends and running one of the most promising software of 2018 I would not have believed it. My secret? I never give up.

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