Instagram for Android Updated: Added group video calls, a new Explore section, and more

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Instagram for Android has recently got a new update. The new update brings in a bunch of useful features including the ability to do group video calls straight from Instagram direct, new topic channels in the Explore section, and some new camera filters.

Group chat feature

Starting things off with the group video chat feature, you can now video chat in Instagram direct either with a single person or a group. The maximum limit of the number of participants is four. The app will split the device screen into four parts, thereby allowing you to do the group chat.

latest instagram update group video call feature

In order to start a video chat, you need to swipe into your Direct inbox and open any message thread. From there, you can hit the new camera icon located on the right side of your screen and the call will be sent to your friends. To make multitasking even better, you can minimize the chat screen and browse the app just like you do regularly.

You can video chat with anyone who you have an active Direct thread with. If, however, you have blocked a user on Instagram, you cannot video chat with the person (which is kind of obvious). You can also mute a profile in case you do not want to be notified of their call requests.

Topic channels on Explore

Coming to the new topic channels on Explore, the Explore section of the app has been revamped, making it easier for you to browse through the topics you love and follow.

latest instagram update new explore page features

When you open the page, you’ll see a tray at the top with personalized channels. This includes a ‘For You’ channel, which has a mix of posts tailored to your interests. The feed also provides you with topics you might like such as music, art, sports, as well as the most popular hashtags.

New camera effects

Lastly, you would find a bunch of new camera effect designed by Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel and NBA in the Instagram camera.

latest instagram update new camera filters

If you follow any of the above-mentioned accounts, you will notice the respective effects reflecting in your camera.

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The update has already been rolled out and you can get it by updating your Instagram app from the Google Play Store.

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Latest Instagram update

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