WhatsApp for Android Updated (V2.18.151): Group features for everyone

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WhatsApp for Android has recently got a new update. The new update (V2.18.151) brings in a lot of new features to the way we interact within the WhatsApp group chats.

The major features which the update has brought about are better admin controls, group catch-up, and participant search. On top of these, WhatsApp would now ensure that once you have left a particular group, the members of the group can no longer add you back to the group and annoy you.

The features were already available to those who are beta testers of the app and now the company has officially rolled out them to everyone.

Latest WhatsApp update: Full features

latest whatsapp update group feature apk download

1. Better admin controls

Starting off with the new admin controls, WhatsApp has changed the way people maintain the control of a group. For starters, the admins of a group now get to choose as to which members of the group can get to change the subject, icon, and description of the group. On top of that, admins can remove admin permissions from other admins.

They, however, cannot remove them from the group and in case you got alarmed, nobody can remove the group owners. So, if you are one, you have the immunity.

2. Catch-up

The next big feature is catch-up. Now, this is by far the most practical feature which has been rolled out in a while. Have you ever entered a group conversation which has a considerable amount of unread messages and found yourself lost in the flood?

Luckily, with the catch-up feature, you can get to know if someone has mentioned you in the conversation you have missed out on. After the update, you would find a new @ button floating right above the microphone button, tapping which would inform you about any mention or reply in the chat.

whatsapp latest group features

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3. Participant search

The next feature is participant search. The feature does what the name suggests. You can now search for the participants in the group in the group info menu. This would come in handy if the group has a large number of participants.

whatsapp participant search feature

You can download the latest update from the Google Play Store or you can get it directly from the button below.

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WhatsApp latest update

The latest WhatsApp update brings about a lot of significant features to the way we communicate in groups. Definitely a worthy update.

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