Latest Gmail update: Gmail will now nudge you to respond to older emails

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Google recently gave the desktop version of Gmail a massive design overhaul. The company appears to be paying a lot of focus to it lately as it has rolled out yet another noteworthy update.

The new feature of Gmail will automatically nudge you to reply to an email that you might have missed out on. Many a time, the situation arises when you miss out on an important email, especially when your inbox is flooded with loads of emails. The new feature would save you from the hassle of going back in time to check whether or not you have missed an important email.

Additionally, it will also nudge you to follow up on emails for which you have not got a reply so far.

latest gmail update may 2018

The feature will be AI-powered and you will only receive notifications for the emails that are important for you. The nudge feature will be on by default for all the users. You can, however, turn it off in case you do not like it by going to the settings and changing your preferences.

Google will roll out the nudge feature to all the accounts within the next three days.

Coming back to the design overhaul, in case you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s high time you did it. The new Gmail interface is both pleasing to the eye and productive.

In case you want to know about the new interface, you can check out our previous review by following the post below:


latest Gmail update for Android detailsCheck out the new interface, features, changelog, and more.

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