Meizu Flyme 7 OS: Everything you need to know

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Alongside the launch of the Meizu 15 lineup of smartphones, the company also unveiled a new version of its OS – the Flyme 7 OS.

Both the Meizu 15 and the Meizu 15 Plus are going to have the Flyme 7 out of the box. This does not mean that the older smartphones are not going to get it. As a matter of fact, a lot of existing Meizu devices are also going to receive the latest Flyme version pretty soon.

flyme 7 os face recognition featureThe new Flyme 7 OS features well over 300 new features and over 1300 optimizations.

The major update is the addition of a new face unlock mechanism which would unlock the device in less than 0.1 seconds (as claimed by the company).

The face unlock system would work as fast as the fingerprint scanner. How well does it actually perform is yet to be tested though.

The cameras present in the Meizu devices are also getting a new treat. The Flyme 7 brings in AI capabilities to the cameras. The AI Beauty mode will apply corrections to the images and will adjust them according to the age, features, and skin type of the person in the image.

flyme 7 os features

The feature works in real-time and you can make use of it even when you are video calling someone. Furthermore, a new feature dubbed Face backtrack has been added which takes multiple shots of a person and allows one to choose the best expression for each face.

The next major improvement is the addition of floating apps. After installing the latest Flyme 7 OS, you would be able to multitask better by opening the apps in a small floating window. Again, this is nothing new for Android users. That said, the Flyme OS was deprived of this feature so far, hence it is a welcome addition.

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Talking about the UI, the animations and the app icons have been revamped as well. We can now sort the apps alphabetically (again, nothing new). What’s new is a new night mode which can be enabled in any app. The night mode detects your surroundings and adjusts the hue and the contrast accordingly.

Finally, the company has pushed a crisis management solution which would ensure that your data is not gone should there be an accident and you completely break your Meizu device. All you need to do is to connect your device to a PC and have your friend send you a special message (which has to be entered before the accident, of course) and the device enters into recovery mode.

The update will arrive as an OTA update and if you own a Meizu device, you better check for the Flyme 7 right away into your settings menu.

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