Samsung Galaxy S10: Samsung has reportedly finalized the design already

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The world of Android never sleeps and this fact is further solidified with the latest Samsung news.

Samsung has (reportedly) already finalized the design for the Samsung Galaxy S10 which has come as a big shock for all of us owing to the fact that the current flagship of the company, the Samsung Galaxy S9 lineup is still just a month old.

As per a recent report by an industry insider, the Korean smartphone giant has already decided the final design for its upcoming device of the S lineup.

samsung galaxy s10 features

As the Galaxy S10 will mark the 10th anniversary of the S lineup of the company, we all are certainly hoping for a radical device to be introduced. This, however, does not appear to be the case if the image which is leaked turns out to be true.

samsung galaxy s10 design and features

According to the report, Samsung is not trying too much with the Galaxy S10 and is planning to stick to the original infinity display introduced first with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and then carried forward with the current Galaxy S9 lineup of devices.

There are, however, some subtle changes made to the design. The forehead and the chin of the device, for instance, have further been shrunk in order to make room for more screen. There is no notch present this time around as well which has come out as a shocker.

The source also revealed two different sizes of the diagonal – 5.8-inch for the Galaxy S10 and 6.3-inch for the Galaxy S10+.

Furthermore, the S10 is going to feature an on-screen fingerprint scanner which seems to be pretty legit as by the time the device actually becomes a reality, on-screen fingerprint scanners won’t be something foreign to the Android ecosystem anymore.

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A new 3D sensing camera is also reportedly going to be featured on the device. As per the source, the company is currently working with an Israeli 3D camera solution company Mantis Vision and camera maker Woodgate to produce the 3D camera.

As of now, these are way early days to predict anything substantial about the device. That said, the rumor mill has now started and is just a matter of time before we started seeing more of these to come.

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